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Organic Papaya Kojic Soap

Organic Papaya Kojic Soap

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VL organic papaya kojic soap is a cleansing bar that helps fade melasma, eliminate age spots, diminish sun damage, effectively reduces redness, cleans and nourishes skin, diminishes scars & spots, promotes healthy glow, efoliates & rejuvantes the skin, whitens and brightens the skin, remove acne scars and promotes a balanced tone. 

Kojic acid is a natural remedy which has proven to brighten the skin, it also has anti microbial properties that kills the surface germs and prevent acne #UNISEX!!!!


Apply on to the wet face and gradually rub into pores in a circular motion. For the wet body, apply soap and use an exfoliating wash cloth to facilitate penetration into pores. (Use as spot treatment or daily face/body wash).


100% organic papaya, olive oil, glycerin vitamin E, kojic acid and hyaluronic acid. For all skin types.



For external usage only. Keep out of reach of children.

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